Community Activations

Harvey Gantt Center for African American Arts and Culture x The Two-Six Project

Being the first group to use the MODA center for so much fun! I have always been interested in creativity and fashion so it was cool to learn from professionals who do this on a daily basis.

Fred Logan


Our students traveled for a creative exposure opportunity to the Harvey B Gantt Center for African American Arts and Culture. Our students were the first group able use MODA (Mecca of Digital Arts). The facility is a state-of-the-art studio and innovation lab designed to facilitate digital art by providing cutting-edge equipment, software, instruction, and mentorship. By creating an accessible space for exploration, personalized education, and meaningful discussions with peers and mentors, MODA fosters a community built on shared accountability, visibility, and collaborative success. Our trip included a panel discussion with the CEO of the Harvey Gantt Center and Fayetteville native, David Taylor. Our students completed hands on creative technical experience with professionals using state of the art technology



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