Community Activations

2024 Fayetteville Youth Summit


FYS Summit is a collaborative effort between The Tulsa Initiative, Two-Six Project, DIVERSE, WORTH Court, community leaders, corporate partners, and educational institutions to inspire and educate the next generation of leaders. Participants will have the opportunity to explore various pathways in technology, entrepreneurship, mental health, human trafficking awareness, and creativity. FYS is open to all High School Students that attend Cumberland County Schools (CCS). Students can sign up for the FYS at any CCS High School Front Office.

  • Guest Speakers, Panels, and Interactive Sessions
    The event featured engaging talks by guest keynote speakers, panel discussions, and Interactive Sessions. These segments provided insights into the diverse pathways that males could consider post-graduation. 
  • Collaborative Programming 
    A collaborative approach is evident throughout the event. By pooling the talent, resources, and influence of local organizations, the program aimed to create a transformative experience for all participants. 
  • Direct Access to Resources
    The event provides direct access to community nonprofits and various career options. This aspect is particularly valuable for the young males that attend, offering them tangible opportunities for growth and development.



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