Community Activations

2023 Fayetteville Youth Summit

"It allowed me to express myself and talk about things I'm going through in a very safe space, It was really needed because I don't like talking about how I feel a lot"

Jaci McKormick


The Two-Six Summit is a half day experience centered around exposing local underrepresented youth to pathways in technology, entrepreneurship, and creativity. The event will house workshops, panels, and interactive sessions to share insight on the various pathways students could pursue post graduation. By collaborating with corporate and community partners, the event will aim to inspire, educate, and equip the next generation of leaders with tangible resources to pursue their passions.

Roughly 200 students from four high schools joined a youth summit on Thursday in a partnership between Cumberland County Schools and Fayetteville State University. The summit featured motivated high school sophomores, juniors and seniors focused on their futures and seeking guidance on how to shape their careers.

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